One hundred years ago today my mother came into this world making a dramatic entrance. A foreshadowing of the remarkable woman she would become. At 22 she married my father. When I, the youngest of her four children, was a year old she opened a beauty shop (Salon de Belleza Glamour). Her talent and enterprising nature made it a great success.

After the Bay of Pigs invasion, she and my father decided to send the four of us to the U.S. to escape the Castro regime and to later join us.  One month later my father died.

Five months after, she was finally able to join us in Wisconsin. She bravely took on the responsibility of providing for four teenagers in a new country and learning a new language.

Life brought her joy and sorrow. The joy of seeing her children grow up to be responsible adults, get married, have children of their own. The sorrow of seeing some of those marriages end, of losing her first granddaughter at age 5 and both her sons at ages 47 and 58 before she died just a few weeks short of her 85th birthday.

She was a gifted storyteller with a great sense of humor and could bring life to any gathering. The memories of her anecdotes and wise sayings still amuse those who had the pleasure of knowing her. Her cortaditos were legendary and I was fortunate to share the last one she ever made. She could often drive me crazy, but I still miss her every day. 




















































People who knew still laugh remembering her stories and She did take time to drive us crazy now and then, but my sister and I still miss her tremendously.