SummerToday is the first day of summer. At this time in my life I have mixed emotions about summer. Having lived in practically perpetual summer for over 30 years and especially once my children were out of school, it was hard to even notice the arrival of the season.

Oh, but the memories of summer days in my childhood bring to mind a time of carefree enjoyment and lazy days filled with fun and laughter. As my teen years brought reality and responsibility into my life, I can remember still being ecstatic about the end of school. Living in Milwaukee the warm weather was also quite exciting, affording activities unavailable during the winter months – and winter in Milwaukee is harsh and extremely long.

Now I am in place where I am thoroughly enjoying the changes in seasons. Although there are days where the heat has been quite unbearable, I spend them inside with one of the greatest inventions in history – air conditioning. I must say, staying in is one of the many perks of retirement. Yesterday Veronica and I worked in my front yard – actually she did most of the work. It was a milder day and the front yard is quite shady, so armed with lots of bottled water, it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Slide1Once again in the cycle of life my view of summer is taking a new turn. I am longing to see the ocean and look forward to a day trip to a still to be determined nearby beach.

Enjoy your summer and make wonderful memories to keep you warm in the winter.